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Bench Of Dreams

This "Bench of Dreams" is located at the base of Mt. Rasur, near the University For Peace in Costa Rica.

Visitors are asked to place a pebble or stone in each hand, press the two hands together, and, with eyes closed, to dream. When opening the eyes, one stone is thossed onto the Earth, so that the sacred Earth will remember the dream, and the other stone is taken home as a reminder of the dream.

Next to the above "Bench of Dreams" is the small indigenous farmhouse where Robert Muller wrote his "2000 Dreams and Ideas for the Year 2000". At present, and prior to the year 2000, over one-hundred of his dreams have been fulfilled!

The two dreams below, dreamt by Robert, are also on the verge of coming true.

Bench of Dreams, Muller Peace Park, Costa Rica

"I dream that the wonderful land of legendary Mount Rasur above the University for Peace will become some day an inspiring sacred place for the entire world" (Idea 447: Robert Muller).

"I dream that the University for Peace will become the new Athens, the new Acropolis of the world, the birthplace of a planetary philosophy and vision, a school for heads of states and global leaders in all main fields of human endeavors and of all entities making up the human family" (Idea 446 from my book 2000 Ideas and Dreams For A Better World).

Dear Reader, feel free to create a "Bench of Dreams" in your Community. - Barbara Muller

There are now hundreds of Benches of Dreams throughout the world.

Bench of Dreams
by Barbara

Select two small stones
Hold them close together and dream your dream.
When you see your dream clearly,
Put one stone into your pocket to take with you
Toss the other stone into the garden.
Hold your dream in your heart, even as the Earth holds it.
Together, we can make our dreams come true.