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Title: Paradise Earth
Author: Robert Muller
Date: March 1, 2003 | ID#: 030301
Category: Paradise On Earth
Keywords: Paradise Earth
  • ~ Idea 1987 ~ In my view the two main purposes of government should be:
    • to make the Earth a paradise
    • to render humanity happy.
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Former UN Assistant Secretary General
Co founder and Former Chancellor
of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica



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Robert Muller's 5000 Ideas started on 11 July 1994, 2000 days before 1 January 2000 v

~ Idea 473 ~ 26 October 1995

During the next years I will deliver a series of major speeches on fundamental subjects in my mind and heart, namely the absolute need for a new political system for our Earth, for a new education, for global leadership training, for new global media, for a new economics, for a global spirituality, for better ways of human settlements on the planet, for ensuring a minimum well-being for all humans, for preserving our planet, its nature, its seas, oceans and climate for future generations, for enhancing human happiness and the overall beauty of our paradise Earth, unique in the immense universe.

~ Idea 1269 ~ 31 December 1997

On this last day of the year, I dream that humanity will say someday: "It is on that sacred hill, indigenous Mt. Rasur, that Robert and Barbara Muller dreamt their visions of paradise Earth, of a divine, happy, peaceful humanity living on a demilitarized planet, and from which their visions, dreams and ideas spread to the world and were fulfilled."

~ Idea 1987 ~

In my view the two main purposes of government should be:

- to make the Earth a paradise

- to render humanity happy.

Well, since we have already words like humanizing, civilizing, pacifying, why don't we coin two more words: paradizing and happinizing, to create paradise and achieve happiness on Earth. A landscaper or a person tending a beautiful garden would be a paradizer by beautifying a little corner of the Earth. A philanthropist would be a happinizer, a gaiaphilist a paradizer. Why not? It is all a matter of starting a new custom. After a while it would be accepted as common sense. Did not God give us this message and duty when he placed Adam and Eve in paradise Earth?

How exciting will be the day when we will be able to say: we did it, we have made the Earth a Paradise, a garden of Eden inhabited by a happy human family! And how exciting this task will be for the 21st century!

~ Idea 3219 ~

The same way as so many nations, for example the Spaniards, the British, etc. were exploring the Earth with unlimited enthusiasm and self-interest I wonder if all humanity could not embark and unite around a new and even more fantastic exploration: the way of making this planet a peaceful, just, happy, fulfilled, well-preserved, non-violent paradise in the universe. How exciting this would be. Let us start an all human Paradise Earth Project (PEP). It should accompany the Culture of Peace and Non-violence Campaign launched by the United Nations and UNESCO to totally eliminate war and violence from humanity by the year 2010.

~ Idea 3294 ~

When will we be able at long last to call our Earth a Garden of Eden, a Garden of Peace, Love, Beauty and Happiness, a paradise in the universe?

Yes, Peace, Love, Beauty and Happiness, a Paradise Earth should be our objectives for the 3rd millennium, to be attained as rapidly as possible. The higher the objectives, the closer one gets to them.

~ Idea 3391 ~

It will be much easier to plan and work intelligently for a just, happy, fulfilled humanity on a well-preserved Earth than to cope in innumerable, disorderly ways with the multitude of problems besetting us now on Earth. Yes, why not try to achieve paradise Earth within the next hundred years? Let us set Paradise Earth 2100 as the target, the logo for the celebration of the year 2100.

~ Idea 3395 ~

Why not have in Universities a new faculty called 'Achievement of Paradise Earth'? Isn't that a major dream and objective of the human species? Such faculties could render us a tremendous service. We must create one at the UN University for Peace. It will be one of my objectives.

~ Idea 3398 ~

We have more than 30,000 international peoples' associations working for the good causes of a better world and humanity. But surprisingly not a single one tries to achieve Paradise Earth. The word is not even mentioned by a single one of them.

I am at fault myself: I am writing 4000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World but that is not enough. If God allows me to live longer, I must write and publish the next 1000 ideas on how to achieve Paradise Earth, and select from the first 4000 ideas those which are related to that achievement.

~ Idea 3906 ~

There are places on Earth which are very special, which have a power of elevation, inspiration and enlightenment, almost of a cosmic, universal nature. Sacred Mt. Rasur where the first University for Peace and Earth Council of this planet are located is such a place. I wish that Gaia scientists (scientists of the Earth) would study such places. It is perhaps there that the capitals of the Earth, the offices of the heads of states and the heads of all world and regional organizations should be located. It would lead to a fundamental transformation and elevation of humanity and of the entire planet to the ultimate success of the cosmic forces of the universe to achieve paradise Earth.

~ Idea 3908 ~

At this beginning of a new millennium we humans must absolutely decide to open a new era of the Earth, of nature, of ourselves and plan with joy and enthusiasm a true paradise Earth visited some day by astonished outer space beings who will offer us as a model to other life-bearing planets in the universe.

~ Idea 4104 ~

The image of a Robert and Barbara Gaughen Muller Library came up to me:

In the middle would be a round table with the volumes of our 4000 (soon 5000) Ideas and Dreams for a Better World. On the walls excerpts from these volumes and books on many subjects of our human fate would be displayed.

Students from the UN University for Peace, researchers, writers, linguists, visionaries, heads of states, prophets and searching minds from around the world would be allowed to stay there, to spend a few days and nights, to awaken in the morning on sacred Mt. Rasur looking as far as the Pacific Ocean and writing their ideas and dreams for paradise Earth. One wall of the library would be devoted to implemented ideas.

All our archives, chronological files, journals, writings, speeches, manuscripts, tapes and videos would be available and preserved in adjacent rooms.

~ Idea 4135 ~

We should make Mt. Rasur in demilitarized Costa Rica the sacred mountain of ideas, dreams, visions and prophecies of paradise Earth, as predicted by Rasur, the God of the indigenous children.

~ Idea 4193 ~

Making the Earth a true paradise is conceived principally as an action which should come from the top: governments giving up wars, ensuring the well-being of all their people, suppressing the colossal armaments and military expenditures.

But there is more to it: each individual, each one of us can make of our personal life a paradise, our family a paradise and contribute to making our neighborhood, our village, our city a paradise of peace, justice, happiness and beauty. Barbara and I do it with Mr. Rasur in Costa Rica. Why not create a World Peoples' Movement for Paradise Earth.

~ Idea 4400 ~

Impossible will you say. Well, one must always decide to attain the highest, maximum objective. A man was set on the moon only after a strict plan to attain that objective was adopted and firmly executed. We must do the same for the Earth and humanity: design, adopt and firmly implement a Paradise Earth 2050 Plan. Let us work on it and make the sixtieth anniversary of the UN in 2005 an important step towards it..

~ Idea 4422 ~

We humans should feel like very precious, very advanced, evolved whole sentient miraculous cosmic beings on one of the most incredible, perhaps unique life-bearing planets in the universe. This is what children ought to be taught in schools: that they are true miracles whose job will be to create Paradise Earth.

~ Idea 4515 ~

Until the end of our lives there remain marvelous treasures, places and ideas still to be explored. Mother Earth should be renamed Goddess Earth, Paradise Earth.

~ Idea 4886 ~

God made only one mistake when he created the Earth: it was to create man. Of course he had an excuse, it was the last day of his hard labor to create a miraculous, incredibly beautiful paradise Earth and He was tired.

~ Idea 4930 ~

I cannot understand why love is not inundating our Earth. Why must it be business, money, 'freedom of enterprise', more and more merchandises and 'goods', running around the world and endless activities and agitations? How about love for our beautiful Earth and her nature, love for peace and tranquillity, love for our neighbors and our environment, love for the depth and genial meaning of our individual, miraculous human life?

This is such a wonderful, extraordinary, perhaps unique planet in the universe that we can no longer have wars and destructive competitions on it. We must now fulfill our destiny: make of this planet Paradise Earth and live fully filled, happy, loving, heavenly, individual and family lives on it.

~ Idea 5034 ~

Humanity on this miraculous planet must absolutely be a success story. Having finished my 5000 ideas I want to write my next work on Paradise Earth. I have always felt that despite all the errors and pessimism we can preserve this planet as the true paradise it is and make it an even greater one.

~ Idea 5050 ~

Too few people on this planet try to solve the impossible. We need many men and women who would consider it their duty to solve the impossible. In particular we need paradisers, i.e. people who consider themselves capable to organize paradise Earth.

~ Idea 5053 ~

Only one belief can put an end to all anxieties on this planet: the belief in the perfectibility of the human race and its capacity to organize paradise on Earth. Yes, paradise Earth should be the next, highest objective, priority and ideal of humanity. Let us decide so world-wide and work for it with our imagination, belief and enthusiasm.

~ Idea 5196 ~

The Earth:

"Dear Robert, there is something you do not do enough. You should tell your readers and listeners that they are my natural children, all made of my ground, vegetation, fruits, air, water and animals' flesh. They should therefore love me, take good care of me, keep me healthy, beautify me, give me children in reasonable numbers, not to kill each other, not have wars which destroy me and yourselves, and insist to be returned to me, buried into me at their death to become other products and children of mine. I think I am doing my job well. If you humans, my children, will do it too, we will be the most perfect planet in the universe, we will be Paradise Earth.

~ Idea 5218 ~

There are just too many wrongnesses left on this planet. How can we accept that side by side there remain hundreds of millions of poor, often hungry, homeless brothers and sisters while astronomic sums are being spent each year on armaments and militaries?

The United Nations and its 32 specialized agencies should publish every year a report or reports on world wrongnesses. They should be in three parts:

1. wrongnesses healed, corrected during the preceding year
2. persisting wrongnesses still to be corrected
3. new, emerging wrongnesses, if any

As a result we will move closer to a better world, nearer to the supreme ideal of paradise Earth.

~ Idea 5247 ~

The Earth:

"Dear Robert, if only this capitalistic system of producing endlessly more goods, more travel, more inventions, more needs, more media could change. If it continues to spread world-wide it will mean my decease."


Dear Earth, I am trying to do my best and more and more people are trying too, but capitalism continues to gain ground world-wide.

The only thought I have is to propuse that you, the Earth, should be made a paradise. My next book will be on the attainment of paradise Earth.

~ Idea 5272 ~

If God brought me and Barbara to the paradise of Mount Rasur, it is to exert every possible effort to make of the whole planet a paradise Earth.

~ Idea 5273 ~

Every day should be a day of thanks for the miracle of human life and of paradise Earth.

New Book



by Dr. Robert Muller

Reprint from I Am Nation News Review by Nada Yolanda

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Robert Muller is a longtime friend and supporter of Mark-Age. We have published interviews with him when he was Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations. After he retired and met and married his cosmic partner, Barbara Gaughen, they developed and published this book. She is an educator, author, global public relations consultant, and public speaker, based in Santa Barbara, California.

Dr. & Mrs. Muller live most of the year at his small farm overlooking the University of Peace in Costa Rica, where he serves as Chancellor. Robert Muller created World Core Curriculum and is known throughout the world as the "father of global education." There are thirty-three Robert Muller schools around the world and more being established each year.

His theme is: "A people without a vision will perish, as it says in the Bible. Today this applies to the entire humanity. National visions are no longer sufficient and have become largely detrimental to the right evolution and progress of our planet and of humanity. We need new ideas, new visions, new ideals, essentially global ones." This book is the beginning of two thousand ideas to be introduced to the world by the year 2000.

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