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Title: The United Nations at Work: The Power of Ideas and Dreams for Peace and a Better World, Seattle UNA Announcement
Author: Robert Muller
Date Published On GMW: April 30 2003 | ID#: 030430
Category: Proper Earth Government 2020
Keywords: United Nations, Ideas and Dreams, Peace, Better World
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Robert Muller

Chancellor Emeritus of the
UN University for Peace and
United Nations

Wednesday, 7 p.m.
May 21, 2003

University of Washington
Doors open 6:30 p.m. to Kane Hall #130

The United Nations at Work

The Power of Ideas and Dreams
for Peace and a Better World

With support and assistance from:
Cosponsors include: AFS Intercultural - Greater Puget Sound, American Friends Service Committee, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Center for Contemplation and Nonviolence, Church Council of Greater Seattle, Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation, Dunlap Elementary School Model United Nations, Evans School of Public Affairs - University of Washington, Facing the Future, Fellowship of Reconciliation - Seattle Chapter, Global Visionaries, Greater Puget Sound Chapter of Fulbright Associates, Heritage College - Seattle Campus, Kay Muller Bullitt, League of Women Voters of Seattle, One World Now, Puget Sound Unitarian Universalist Council, SNOW Coalition, University of Washington Model United Nations, Washington State Bar Association - World Peace Through Law Section, Washington State Peace Corps Association, World Affairs Council, YES - Journal of Positive Futures. Special support provided by the: United Nations Foundation, Better World Campaign and the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studios.

"I'm so honored to be alive at such a miraculous time in history. I'm so moved by what's going on in our world today. Never before in the history of the world has there been a global, visible, public, viable, open dialogue and conversation about the very legitimacy of war. The whole world is in now having this critical and historic dialogue &emdash; listening to all kinds of points of view and positions about going to war or not going to war.

"We are not at war. We, the world community, are WAGING peace. We're in peacetime. So this is a miracle. This is what 'waging peace' looks like."

- Robert Muller
United Nations Association Speach, San Francisco
March 2003