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Title: Robert's Harmonica Ode to Joy, and French Song of Love
Author: Robert Muller
Date Published On GMW: February 1, 2004 | ID#: 040201
Category: Idea Dreams
Web page:

Robert Playing His Ten Hole Harmonica

Photo by Joseph Hinden

"When I play the Ode to Joy and the French Love Song I do not just play the harmonica, playing it allows me to connect with the listener not only with words but with my innermost feelings and I feel like I convey the message in the Ode to Joy and the French Love Song, both JOY and LOVE.

I never thought of this until I read the comments in today's GMW. I elevate myself to the meaning in the music which I convey to my audiences when I speak and now to the listener who listens at". - Robert Muller

Enjoy Robert's Harmonica Ode to Joy and French Song of Love


Robert Playing Ode To Joy At Agape Unity Church To Great Applause
And The Story Of How He Came To Be A Harmonica Player