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Title: Paradise Earth - Recording of two talks
Author: Robert Muller
Date Published On GMW: February 15, 2004 | ID#: 040215
Category: Idea Dreams
Keywords: Pardise Earth
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Paradise On Earth by Robert Muller

Click here to listen to these two talks.

Paradise On Earth, is a 50 minute recording of two talks by Robert speaking about, "We have to make out of this planet a Paradise, which it is."

The talks were given at the Agape International Spirtual Center where Robert received the Millinium Man Of The Year - God Of Light Award given by the 900 Unity Churches.

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Partial Transcript - End of first Talk

First Transcription


All the boarders between western Europe have disappered. My friend Robert Schuman who had the same problem became a minister and decided to create a united Europe despite all the circumstances.

When I asked him, "Why were you able to do this. He said, "Because when I was a minister of foreign affairs, some one brought me a plan to sign, called the Schuman Plan for a united Europe, starting with coal and steel and then economics." It took 42 years until the Eurpean Community was created.

He said, "I didn't know what to do with it. I was living with the nuns because I always wanted to be a monk myself and then one morning I woke up and I remembered that as a child at the tri grance and ekert the place where you have the boarder at France, Germany and Luxumborg, when I was riding my bicylce I was always running into a boarder, into a control. And I swore to my self as a little boy that if I would have the opportunity of getting these boarders suppressed I will do it.

And when I remembered that dream I went to my office and signed the plan without even further reading it and it is the Schuman plan which thanks to the remembrance of a little boy. Who has made this miracle.

That countries have been killing each other. You should read the book about the first world war in Douglas Giles book and the second world war. That white people highly civilized could treat each other the way the French and Germans did at that time. When I read it I almost can not believe that I lived there. That we did this. And we continue to do it. The USA did it in Vietnam. Their doing it now in Iraq.

We must absolutely get on this planet, we must absolutely eradicate all wars. (Applause)

We must transform the militarys into peace agents together like police helping people. And we must suppress all armaments. This is an absolute duty for which I will continue to fight and I hope that God will give me more years to do it.

What I learned from Douglas Giles book is that I was too slow. We have made very much progress. But it has to be quicker.


We have to do this. We have to make out of this planet a Paradise, which it is.

And I will now submit at the University for Peace, a plan for absolute demilitarization by the year 2010. A Peace Plan for this year and to conceive by the year 2020 we should have a paradise earth where there will be no longer any wars and all the destructions of the planet which we are doing. This is my life, my dear friends.

And I was so grateful to hear all the beautiful statements.

I think we have all the same minds and the same heart.

To finish I'm a member of (a group working for) the canonization of Robert Schuman. We want to make him a saint.

What have we discovered in Robert Schuman's speeches and writings. The following. He said the end of the conflict is not the end of it. A conflict must be continued by cooperation. And cooperation is not enough. It has to be followed by love. And we do not speak enough about love in our political world. We have to restore love as the principal instrument to make Earth a paradise and a warless planet.


end (Applause)