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-- Robert's New Mini Book --
The Miracle, Joy and
Art of Living
My Testament to Life - MiniBook #1

A 64 page pocketbook. The book's convenient 5"X4" size can be easily taken most anywhere. The cost is $5 which includes postage and handling.

Also available are Large Print 8.5" X 5.5" 64 page editions. They are $10 postage included.

Click here to view volume 1.

Quantity discounts - including priority mail

Pocket Books: 11 for $50, 25 for $100, 60 for $200, 100 for $300. This includes priority mail in the USA, 1-3 day delivery.

Large Print: 11 for $100, 25 for $200, 50 for $300.

To order: send an email to

Please include the address and number of copies requested. Payments can be made by check. Credit cards are an additional handling fee.

The MiniBook #1 is 64 pages. The full book is 402 pages, in three volumes.

The first volume can be viewed on the web here.

The three volumes can also be viewed as pdf files: