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Title: Decide to Poems For A Better World
Author: Robert Muller
Date Published On GMW: May 1, 2003 | ID#: 0300501
Category: Idea Dreams
Keywords: Decide to, happy, healthy, peaceful, spiritual, thankful, forgive, open, laugh, ask, network, good action, human, blessed, good news, never negative, cheerful, lookout, global citizen, dream,
Quotes: Decide to be happy.
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Decide to be happy

Render others happy
Proclaim your joy
Love passioinately
your miraculous life

Do not listen to promises
Do not wait for a better world
Be grateful for every moment of life

Switch on and keep on

the positive buttons in yourself,
those marked optimism, serenity,
confidence, positive thinking, love

Pray and thank God every day
Meditate - Smile - Laugh
Whistle - Sing - Dance

Look with fascination at everything
Fill your lungs and heart with liberty
Be yourself fully and immensely
Act like a king or queen unto Death

Feel God in you body, mind,

heart, and soul

And be convinced of eternal life

and resurrection

Decide to be healthy

Pray to God every day for good health
Take health as your sacred, God given duty
Make no room whatsoever for the slightest

thought of sickness

Encourage your trillions of faithful

little cells through joy,
happiness and confidence

Thank them, talk to them, sing to them

Let no foul air, food and liquids poison you
Let no anger, anxiety or bitterness enter you

Wake up every morning with gratitude for

your resurrection

And repeat ten times

I am the happiest and
healthies person on earth

Repeat it again before your sleep

Close your eyes on the thoughts of God,

good health and happiness

And thank your Father in heaven

Who has given us a body never to be sick
A mind never to be dull
A consciousness never to be empty

And a spirit full of

the heavens and of the Earth

Decide to be peaceful

Render others peaceful
Be a model of peace
Irradiate your peace
Love passioinately the peace

of our beautiful planet

Do not listen to the warmongers,

hate seeders and powerseekers

Dream always of a peaceful world
Work always for a peaceful world

Switch on and keep on, in yourself

the positive buttons,
those marked love,
serenity, happiness, truth,
kindness, friendliness,
understanding and tolerance 

Pray and thank God every day for peace
Pray for the United Nations

and all peacemakers

Pray for the leaders of nations

who hold the peace of the world
in their hands

Pray God to let our planet at long last

become the Planet of Peace

And sing in unison with all humanity 

"Let there be peace on earth
and let it begin with me."

Decide to be a spiritual person

Render others spiritual
Irradiate your spirituality
Treat every moment of your life

with divine respect

Love passionately your Godgiven, miraculous life

Be endlessly astonished at

your brief, breathtaking
consciousness of the universe

Thank God every moment

for the tremendous gift of life

Lift your heart to the heavens always
Be a cosmic, divine being,

an integral conscious part of the universe

Contemplate with wonder

the miraculous Creation all around you

Fill your body, mind, heart and soul

with divine trepidation

Know that you are coming from somewhere

and that you are going somewhere
in the universal stream of time

Be always open to the entire universe
Know yourself and the heavens and Earth
Act spiritually
Think spiritually
Love spiritually

Treat every person and living being

with humaneness and divine respect

Pray, meditate, practice the art of spiritual living
And be convinced of eternal life and resurrection

Decide to be thankful

Render others thanbkful
Start every day with overflowing

thanks to God

Be thankful for every moment

of your life

Never complain, never be bitter

or undrateful

Switch on and keep on in you

the greateful buttons
those marked, thanks, joy, love,
happiness, kindness, generosity

Make your entire being and life

a feast of thnaksgiving

Rejoice immensely and jubilantly

at the prodigy of life

Be the miracle God intended you to be
Thank God for your wonderful body,

mind, heart and soul

Thank God for our beautiful planet

for the stars and the sky
the mountains and the seas
our human brethren and sisters
our friends the animals
our sisters the plants and flowers

Thank God for the seasons of your life
Repay God with your best deeds,

thoughts, feelings and prayers

And be convinced of your divine,

eternal, cosmic nature

Decide to forgive

For resentment is negative
Resentment is poisonous
Resentment diminishes

and devours the self.

Be the first to forgive
To smile and take the first step
And you will see happiness bloom
On the face of your human

brother or sister

Be always the first
Do not wait for others to forgive

For by forgiving
You become the master of fate
The fashioner of life
A doer of miracles

To forgive is the highest

most beautiful form of love

In return you will recieve

untold peace and happiness

Decide to open yourself

To God
To the Universe
To humanity
To all your brethren and sisters
To your inner self.

Open your mind
Open your heart
Open your soul
Open all your being and senses

To the greatness of Creation
To the beauty of our Earth
To the potential of the human race
To the infinity of your inner self

And you will become the Universe

You will become Creation
You will become the Earth
You will become humanity
You will become infinity

And you will be at long last

your real,
stupendous self

Decide to laugh

Make others laugh
Irradiate your good humor and happiness
Coalesce with other ahppy people
Look at the world with a wondrous smile
Let the miracle of life upwell in a happy face
Grow and keep a twinkle in your eyes
Laugh, sing, whistle and dance
Wake up in the morning witha song

in your heart

Go to sleep with a happy thought

on your mind

Enliven any company with your cheerfulness
Deflate tensions, depressions and bitterness

with good humor

Be known as a happy, likeable, joyful person

Tell jokes
Read jokes
Write down jokes
Learn jokes by heart
Look out for good humor everywhere

For it is infinitely better for people and antions

to laugh together
than to fight each other

And at the hour of your death be able to say:

Life has been great fun
Thank you, O God,for your beautiful,
immensely enjoyable gift

Decide to ask

Your entire being for divine fulfillment
Your body for wonderful health
Your mind for great ideas
Your heart for mucb love
Your soul for the meaning of life
God for guidance and enlightenment
Your government for peace and justice
Your neighbors for friendliness
Your colleagues and friends for kindness
Your family for love and happiness
The Earth for all its boundless beauty
The skies, sun and stars for all their brilliance
Humanity for hope and cooperation
Eternity for resurrection

For by asking you shall see more clearly
And by asking you shall receive

Decide to network

Use every letter you write
Every conversation you have
Every meeting you attend
To express your fundamental beliefs and dreams
Affirm to others the vision of the world you want

Network through thought
Network through action
Network through love
Network through the spirit

You are the center of a network
You are the center of the world
You are a free, immensely powerful source

of life and goodness

Affirm it
Spread it
Radiate it
Think day and night about it

And you will see a miracle happen:

the Greatness of your own life

In a world of big powers, media, and monopolies
But of six billion individuals

Networking is the new freedom
the new democracy
A new form of happiness

Decide to do at leastone good action a day

If not several
Or innumerable ones
Talk to God every morning
And ask God:

"What good can I do today?"

God will answer you and guide you

for God is with you

And you will have given God life

by asking God

God can not be manifest

Without being asked

God speaks to you through your soul
Which is the true guide of your life
Ask God, talk to God, dialogue with God
And you will be the source of many miracles
You will produce them all around you

Do at least one good action a day
Until the very end of your life
Just think what a huge amount of good
That will represent!

And if all six billion people on Earth
Do one good action a day
What a Planet it will be!

Decide to be human

To be a world citizen
Aglobal being
A member of the human family
To place humanity before anything else

To love your human bretheren and sisters
As your own family

Never to kill,

not even in the name of a nation

Never to exercise physical

or verbal violence

To know, love and respect your beautiful

planetary home

To live in it as a grateful, joyful guest
To contribute to humanity your peace,

kindness and

To help the further ascent of the human race
To cherish its endless, beautiful diversity
To educate your children as world citizens

and children of God

And to leave behind you the remembrance
Of a good, kind, loving human being

Decide to be blessed

To spread your blessings all around you
That everything you touch

or do will be a blessing

That every person you meet

will be blessed
with your joy
with your knowledge
with your kindness
with your enthusiasm
with your greatness

Be a dail blessing for the universe

and eternity
for humanity
and our planet

Open youself widely to the blessings

of God

Be an instrument, a multiplier

of God's blessings

From morning to evening,

in the smallest event

See an opportunity to do a miracle
To be a blessing

Walk through life as a Blessed Person

and a Miracle Maker

Decide to be the good news

Let the good news be

incarnated in you

Proclaim your belief

In humanity
In our success
In our further transcendence
In our peace, justice
and happiness

In the construction of the

Planet of God

Think of it
Feel for it
Speak of it
Work for it

For all we think, all we feel,

all we say and all we do

Must not hinder but help

The great design of God

Our Cosmic destiny
Our further ascent and evolution
Towards the permanent reign of
God on our miraculous planet

Decide never to be negative

Replace negative thoughts

and feelings

In your mind and heart
By happy, excellent,

positive ones.

Eradicate negativism on

all internal
and external fronts

Deny negativism
Avoid the pessimists
Do not bang your head

against the walls

Climb them, fly over them,

circumvent them

Always radiate positive currents

of light, goodness,
love, kindness,
hope and determination

Since life is the antidote of death
Affirm life and ignore death

Affirm your life even after death
Through the lasting effect

on human ascent

Of your good deeds
Of your good thoughts
And of your overpowering love

Decide to be cheerful

Render others cheerful
Praise the whole Creation

with your cheers

Be a rock against sadness,

pessimism and hopelessness

Switch on and keep on in yourself

the cheerful buttons,
those marked joy, laughter,
happiness, love
passion for life,
gratitude for life

Whistle, sing and smile at life
Feel like a God or Goddess
Feel like dancing

See the bright glory of God

everywhere and in everyone

Say yes to life, immensely,

cheerfully, ecstatically,

Be convinced of the prodigy,

sacredness, sanctity and
divinity of life

Bring your precious contribution

to the happiness and
ascent of humankind

And believe in the immortality

and everlasting effects
of your goodness.

Decide to lookout

For any sign of God
For any occasion to do good

Let the divine flower in you
Think from morning to evening
What else you can do for the good

of the world

Turn every stone you can
To look for a hidden opportunity

to do good

Put many irons in the fire
Be convinced that God is watching you,

loving you
and helping you

God will send endless opportunities

to do God's will

And open your eyes, mind and heart

to the astonishing miracles of life
to the beauty surrounding you
to the uniqueness of your being
to the wonders yoiu can achieve

And your life, centered on its inborn


Will become what it was always

meant to be:
a cosmic masterpiece
a jewel in the universe
a shining proof of God

Decide to write Decide to

poems for a better world

 Reprinting the Decide to poems woke me up with this revelation: all my life, all my endeavors have been for a better world. My latest book (in 4 volumes) is: Ideas And Dreams For A Better World.

My books can be republished as Books For A Better World, my speeches as Speeches For A Better World, Essays For A Better World, Institutions For A Better World, my autobiography, A Life For A Better World, Actions For A Better World.

I am thankful for having opened my eyes to this. Now all makes sense for me. I will even call my archives at the University for Peace: Archives For A Better World. What a positive world karma this would all mean!

The people are craving for a better world. Let us mobilize them as co-workers for a better world. My 34 Robert Muller Schools and writing on education could be: Education For A Better World. There would even be Businesses For A Better World.

All my life could make sense and every life on earth could make full sense.
&endash; Robert Muller 18 August 98

Each of us can do many things for a better world. Writing Decide to poems is one way to inspire ourselves to work for a better world.

Here are two Decide to poems written by Barbara Gaughen - Muller. Robert Muller and Barbara Gaughen were married, June 27, 1997 in Dobbs Ferry, New York before their children and grandchildren. Barbara is an educator, author, global public relations consultant, and public speaker, based in Santa Barbara, California.

You too can write Decide to poems for a better world.

Decide to be . . .

like Robert Muller

by Barbara Gaughen - Muller


Every decision made on this planet

in your life and mine
was first a thought
in someone's mind

But in worldly matters there is one more link
Robert Muller is the missing link
The father of Decide to be . . . all you can be

in this time and space

Decide to . . . let go of your doubts

in your life they have no place

Just decide to be . . .

every dream you ever dreamt
create a Bench of Dreams
and your wish shall be sent
straight to God, Buddha or a tree

You see God is everywhere

inside you and me

So quit wasting time

and thinking you can't
and don't blame anyone
who says you can't

It's your choice now to decide to be . . .

like Robert Muller
his example is there for you and for me
and then you'll know
why the little baby you once were
was allowed to grow

It's not your age,

your income or your being

It's just you

so keep on dreaming

The coincidences will happen

so quickly you'll know
that Robert Muller was right . . .

First you dream, then watch it grow
That's it!
So simple and pure
It's God's way to say,

"I love you for sure"

_ _ _

Decide to be married

by Barbara Gaughen-Muller


Decide to be married
To become one heart, one body,

one mind and one soul

To share your joy
To live life as an art
And to make every moment precious
Whether together or apart

Remember as a couple
You are now more than one
To create harmony and perfect love

that will last through eternity
even after this life is done

Remember also there is a power
In this union of two

to protect this planet

And humanity too
As a couple you can do it

It's in the deciding
To be united in love
To express your joyful oneness
To every person you meet, and
In every action you take
And together a perfect marriage you'll make

_ _ _
Decide to be a global citizen

A good inhabitant of planet Earth
A member of the great human family
Pray, think, act, feel and love globally
And you will aggrandize yourself

to the outer limits of being

Know this planet
Love this planet
Care for this planet
For you come from Mother Earth
And you will return to Mother Earth
You are made of her elements
You are the Earth, become conscious

of herself.

You are her eyes, her ears, her voice,

her mind and her heart

Save your Mother Earth

from her matricidal children
who destroy her
who divide her
who spike her with nuclear arms
who hold their territories to be

greater than the globe

and their groups

greater than humanity

Unite, global citizens,

to save and heal planet Earth

And to make our Mother bloom again
As the most beautiful planet
in the universe

Decide to dream

Decide to dream
Decide to widely open the gates

of your wonderful mind,
heart and soul

Let flow in the dreams of God,

of the angels, saints, prophets and sages

Give birth and let out into the world
The dreams of your own uniques,

cosmic being

If not born for any other purpose

be born to dream
to love
be born to fashion a better world

Dreams and dreamers never die
From heaven you will see your dreams

come true

You will reincarnate,

inspire and energize the new dreamers

The dreams of our beautiful Planet of Dreams

will never die
until we become the Paradise
we were always meant to be
and are about to now joyfully become

My Dream 2000

I dream
That on 1 January 2000
The whole world will stand still
In prayer, awe and gratitude
For our beautiful, heavenly Earth
And for the miracle of human life.

I dream
That young and old, rich and poor,
Black and white,
People from North and South,
From East and West,
From all Beliefs and cultures
Will join their hands, minds and hearts
in an unprecedented, iniversal
Bimillennium Celebration of Life.

I dream
That during the year 2000
Innumerable celebrations and events
Will take place all over the globe
To gauge the long road covered by humanity
To study our mistakes
And to plan the feats
Still to be accomplished
For the full flowering of the human race
In Peace, justice and happiness.

I dream
That the few remaining years
To the bimillennium
Be devoted by all humans,

nations and institutions

To unparalleled thinking, action,
Inspiration, elevations,
Determination and love
To solve our remaining problems

And to achieve'
A peaceful, united human family on Earth

I dream
That the year 2000
Will be declared

And made
Humanity's First Millennium of Peace